Charm & Zelda

Much like the rest of those planning their wedding for 2020, Charm and Ben had to move some things around to accommodate the state’s latest protocol. Given the choice between having the wedding they wanted and compromising, Charm and Ben decided to move the ceremony and reception to next year.
Not one to waste a perfectly good hair and makeup reservation, Charm asked me if I would be willing to take some portraits of her and her maid of honor, Zelda. We had a blast walking around the park, talking about the year, and figuring out very quickly that Zelda would be running this photoshoot. 

Snippets, ii

I don’t think it is possible to visualize exactly how many pictures I have taken in a lifetime. I tried to imagine printing one copy of every photo that I have at least edited, and the volume is insurmountable. 

It’s bittersweet. Just scrolling through my Lightroom catalog for a few minutes uncovered a bunch of shots that I really adore. Some of them are from shoots, some are snapshots from the road, all of them are interesting to me. 

I’ve decided to keep the snippets series going. So, without further adieu, here are 21 pictures that I enjoy that have no correlation. 

And Release

I was cleaning out my garage a few weeks ago, and I accidentally bumped my fishing rod off of its holster on the wall. As I caught it in my hand I felt something deep within me whisper “remember”, and I was flooded with memories of catching bass along the Upper Niagara River. After coming to terms with what I assume was a curse, I immediately contacted my good friend Sean and asked him if he had any open spots on his boat in the coming weeks. 
He did. And he was even kind enough to let me break his “No cameras on the boat” rule. 

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