An Almost Too Late Parade

There is a lot going on right now. The news keeps bouncing between “not a big deal” and “buy all of the toilet paper” and frankly, it’s getting exhausting. With terms like “social isolation” and “gathering ban” floating around, a lot of people are starting to feel overwhelmed.

Coming in just under the “no gathering” wire, my small town of Youngstown NY held their annual St. Patricks day parade on Saturday. The parade is short, sweet, and just what we needed to brighten the gloomy day. So we bundled up Eliza, grabbed the camera, and hit the town. Luckily for the attendees, the bars were open, the weather was fine, and most importantly - there was a float that tossed rolls of toilet paper as a souvenir. 

Charm & Ben

Charm and Ben are getting married. While that on its own is exciting news, they also asked me to document their big day. We celebrated with a walk through the gorge on a cold fall day in 2019. Hiking, snow, salmon - this engagement session had it all.

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