Angela and Frank

Alright, first blog post time. Let’s do this!

I actually debated what our first blog should be. I admittedly haven’t really blogged much since the fall of Myspace, is it custom to talk about yourself? That seems weird. Should we talk about what we do? I feel like that’s self-explanatory. But then it dawned on me, that we should share a few photos from one of the more recent and fun projects that we had the pleasure of working on.

Angela is one of Grace’s oldest friends. They have known each other for a couple of decades, and have more stories and inside jokes than I ever knew possible. And Frank is a photographer, so it’s always a pleasure to talk shop with him. When Frank popped the question (there’s a great video on just how he did it), we were thrilled for them. And I was even more thrilled when they asked me to photograph their engagement portraits. 

Our first stop was Freedom Run Winery in Lockport, NY. If you haven’t been to Freedom Run, I strongly suggest that you make your way down there. They were super welcoming and even pointed us in the right direction on where we should go first. We had a great time walking their grounds, talking about how they met, and we even got a bit of light offroading in because Jeep.

For our next stop, we made our way down to Akron, NY to visit Akron Falls Park. Akron Falls is a great place to go for a quick hike with a great view. 

Now, it is worth noting that Angela was a champion during this part of our session. She made the risky decision of giving me creative freedom here, and that can only mean one thing - we’re going to get as close to the waterfall as we can get. Wedges and all, Angela powered through some questionable at best terrain to get some gorgeous shots.

Camera - Canon EOS R
Lens - Canon RF 35mm f1.8

Using Format