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Newborns and Sears

When I was nineteen I got a job as a photographer at the Sears portrait studio in the Summit Park Mall. You can laugh at how dated that sentence is, I’ll wait. 

I had countless new families come into the studio with their newborn babies. In the high-volume studio setting, the goal was to get people in and out as quickly as possible. Under thirty minutes was the goal, and any appointments more than fifteen minutes late were cancelled and rescheduled. Unfortunately for that business model, newborns don’t understand schedules yet. 

For newborn photography, I like to keep it simple and in the comfort of the parents home if possible. Here’s why - In my experience both as a photographer and as a father, the best pictures of your family are when everyone is comfortable. Have a room that the baby likes? Let’s shoot it there. Need to take a break to tend to some tears? Take your time. Diaper time? Diaper time. I’ll be down the hall until you’re ready.

We weren’t in and out in under thirty minutes, and that was perfectly fine for everyone involved. Thank you to Maggie and Tyler for choosing me to photograph this special little guy. 

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