Wandering Gypsy Brewing Co

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Wandering Gypsy Brewing Company is a brand new brewery located in Ransomville, New York. Bob and Jen Pepperday had dreamed of owning their own brewery for years, and when the perfect location came up for sale in late 2019 they made the decision to make their dream a reality.

WGBCo reached out to us with an older logo and a clean slate. They were still in the process of closing on their property, and would have several weeks of construction ahead of them after the close. This left us with ample time to develop a brand, build out their website, and start spreading the word of the up and coming brewery. 

Working off of the original logo, we began the process of concepting on a logo cleanup that would transfer more effectively to multiple mediums. WGBCo wanted to keep the hand-drawn aesthetic that communicated the welcoming atmosphere that they were creating in their brewery. 

With this in mind, we created a refined version of their original logo that achieved the goal while keeping their vision alive. Inspired by the reds and ambers of dark beers, golden wheats and fields, and the sage green of hops, we developed an earthy, homegrown color palette to use throughout the brand. 

After identifying the brand, we got to work on the continuous project of creating content. We developed a unique film simulation that focused on bringing out the brand colors while still maintaining a natural feel to the photographs. We made it a point to only use photographs that were taken on location for all of their social media and web content. 

Once everything was built out, we were ready to announce the future brewery. The news was received with tremendous support and excitement from the Western New York region, garnering attention from several local publications and quickly propelling WGBCo's social media following. 

"Wandering Gypsy Brewing Company has been working with de Rosa Creative for about a year now and we couldn’t be happier. They understand our mission, our vibe and have helped us create a brand that we are so proud of. We wouldn’t be where we are today without them!"

Jen & Bob Pepperday, WGBCo Owners

Now, with the doors finally opened, WGBCo is on the path to success. We continue to work with the WGBCo team on a daily basis with their advertising, branding, and content creation.

WGBCo instagram
WGBCo Website
WGBCo instagram
WGBCo Website
WGBCo instagram
WGBCo Website

Video by Chris Cappuccilli

Select Illustrations by Sam McNamara

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