Jonny the Barber

Photography, Headshots

Jonny Palmeri is a master barber from Buffalo, New York. Starting in 2012, he quickly became known as one of the most talented barbers in the area. Cutting everyone from professional athletes to the common gentleman, Jonny has built a company and a brand that commands both professionalism and prestige. 

Jonny reached out to us to work with him on creating content for his website revitalization. Namely, headshots for his team of barbers. The goal was to create portraits that spoke to the modern culture while still maintaining their classical roots. 

Sticking to their black & white color palette, we chose to create a unique film simulation that would replicate the graininess of the Sinatra mugshot that hangs on the shop wall. By blending this with modern lighting, we were able to create portraits that were sharp, unique, and on brand.

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